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An organic bio-humus and peat-based biostimulant that enhances the early stages of plant growth. YUVAANI helps your organic produce stay fresh for longer – from farm to fork.



YUVAANI: complete nutrition for organic produce

Our YUVAANI biostimulant contains 50% bio-humus which helps accelerate plant growth, boosts crop quality and orchard yields, while sustainably improving soil health. It contains extracts of high-grade peat, amino acids and biomolecules which further support and enhance the early stages of plant growth.


This well-balanced and easily assimilated plant food helps your crops achieve robust growth, better yield, faster flowering and fruiting.


Organic certified by NOCA

Improves early plant germination

Strengthens the roots

Improves plant metabolism

Mitigates adverse effect of climate change

Increases disease resistance

Improves soil water holding capacity

Improves soil quality thus increasing soil productivity

Ideal for floriculture—increases shelf life of cut flowers


Would you like to know more about our organic-certified biostimulant and see the results for yourself?

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