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An organic peat-based biostimulant that improves flowering and fruiting capacity, naturally. Packed with sustainably-sourced peat, ASAAVA is every farmer’s dependable solution for a healthy harvest.



ASAAVA: A dependable solution for a healthy harvest

ASAAVA is packed with humic acid, vital amino acids, macro and micronutrients found in carbon-rich prehistoric organic matter. As a biostimulant, it enhances the early stages of plant growth, supports leaf formation along with better root and shoot growth – resulting in early flowering and fruiting.


Plants treated with ASAAVA grow to have strong roots, lush plant growth and improved resistance to plant diseases.




Organic certified by NOCA

Improves seed germination

Strengthens the roots

Improves plant metabolism

Enhances plant growth and quality

Mitigates adverse effect of climate stress

Increases disease resistance


Would you like to know more about our organic-certified biostimulant and see the results for yourself?

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