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An organic sapropel and peat-based biostimulant that increases soil organic matter and stimulates microbiological activity. SOMRITH lets you grow healthy and happy crops while gradually improving your soil quality.


An organic peat-based biostimulant that improves flowering and fruiting capacity, naturally. Packed with sustainably-sourced peat, ASAAVA is every farmer’s dependable solution for a healthy harvest.


An organic bio-humus and peat-based biostimulant that enhances the early stages of plant growth. YUVAANI helps your organic produce stay fresh for longer – from farm to fork.

Farmics: Transforming How Food Is Grown

Farmics gives you tried and tested organic farming products that improve your crop’s overall health and yield, while also reversing years of chemical damage and salinization sustained by your soil. Our products are all-natural, sustainable and backed by cutting-edge science.


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