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Peat-based organic liquid fertiliser that improves soil quality and its microbiome, giving better plant nutrient absorption



ARSANA: Bio-organic liquid fertilizer

ARSANA is a 100% natural, superior-grade liquid fertiliser, with molasses, humic and fulvic acid. Made
using sustainably-sourced organic materials, ARSANA is packed with vital amino acids, macro and
micronutrients which help plants grow, correct nutrient deficiencies and improve soil health.

ARSANA contains Smart nutrient nanoparticles, which are easily absorbed by the root and provide the
plant with a potent source of nutrients, thus encouraging a healthy plant production from the root


Natural and non-toxic

Improves seed germination

Improves plant metabolism

Improves plant growth, immunity & quality

Mitigates adverse effects of climate stress

Promotes root architecture and strength

Easy to apply and distributes uniformly in soil

Keeps crops healthy & corrects nutrient deficiencies

Concentrated slow-release formula, lowest cost/quantity required per hectare


Get in touch with our team to view our trial results or book a product demonstration. Or try out our all-natural bio-organic liquid fertiliser to see the results for yourself.

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