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An organic sapropel and peat-based biostimulant that increases soil organic matter and stimulates microbiological activity. SOMRITH lets you grow healthy and happy crops while gradually improving your soil quality.



SOMRITH: A powerful organic boost for your crops

SOMRITH is a mineral-rich biostimulant containing 50% sapropel, i.e. carbon-rich prehistoric aquatic organic matter.


Plants treated with SOMRITH show exceptional root and shoot growth, and are more resistant to plant diseases – thanks to its formula containing humic and fulvic acid, cleated micronutrients, and amino acids derived from high-grade organic peat.




Organic certified by NOCA

Enhances plant growth and quality

Improves plant metabolism and nutrient uptake

Improves plant immunity

Improves soil water holding capacity

Improves soil organic matter and soil health

Improves soil quality thus increasing soil productivity


Would you like to know more about our all-natural soil reclamator and discover the results for yourself?

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