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About Us



Farmics™: Transforming How Food Is Grown

Farmics™ gives you tried and tested organic-certified agri-products that improve your crop’s overall health and yield, while also reversing years of chemical damage and salinization sustained by your soil. Our products are all-natural, sustainable and backed by cutting-edge science.


Unlocking the Power of Peat

Naturally occurring peat contains complex biologically-active substances that help plants

grow faster, shorten their development period and enhance crop quality. The humic acid

contained in peat is known for its growth-stimulating effect on plants, thus helping in early flowering and fruiting.


All our products – SOMRITH, ASAAVA, YUVAANI contain the highest grade of peat. This responsibly harvested peat is then refined to near nanoparticles using our proprietary Adaptive Molecular Re-engineering technology, thus making it easy for the micronutrients

to be absorbed by plant and soil.



Unique Bioactive Formula

The unique formula of Farmics™ biostimulants is distributed through nanoparticles made with our patented technology, this significantly increases the nutrient absorption rate and

reduces fertiliser requirement. For best results, we recommend reducing your current recommended dose of fertiliser (RDF) by 50% when using it in combination with Farmics™ biostimulants.*


*Based on field trial studies.




VIRENXIA: 360° Sustainability Solutions for All

VIRENXIA was established in 2016 as a ‘Socioeconomic Empowerment Company’, thus underscoring the irrefutable link sustainability has on society and its development. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are hardcoded into the DNA of VIRENXIA and guide the development of all our products and solutions. Our evolved sustainable development model focuses on systemic human and economic development while leveraging technology to solve today’s biggest problems.


Today, the VIRENXIA team consists of world-class professionals, including scientists, researchers, engineers and industry partners. VIRENXIA’s manufacturing, research and agricultural operations are spread across UAE, Oman, India, Singapore, Russia and Ukraine. Our projects span key industries like agriculture, energy, construction, infrastructure, healthcare and more.


Together, we see a greener, more prosperous and fairer future through a balanced use of technology and best practices.



IMG_20190424_142020 (1).jpg

"VIRENXIA was created with one objective in mind: pioneer the world’s first
SOCIOECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT COMPANY—a paradigm shift in creating
sustainable technology solutions for people and the environment whilst ensuring
economic growth for all stakeholders through social empowerment."

Satyam Khagen Bose, Chairman and CEO


Promoting our four pillars of food security


carbon positive communities

The circular economy, the key to our future

A more natural, holistic healthcare for all

Tackling the water crisis

Our 5 Wishes for the Future


The world is our home


VIRENXIA operates around the world through six hubs:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Operations & Commercialization

  • Delhi, India: Commercialization, Strategic Partnerships, Manufacturing

  • Singapore: Commercialization, Strategic Partnerships & Intellectual Property Management

  • Ukraine (various locations): Research & Development, Manufacturing

  • Russia (various locations): Research & Development, Manufacturing

  • Oman: Agricultural hub

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